Blank Slate’s setting and story will be heavily influenced by the initial stories of the first few characters.
Everything from the setting to the very nature of the world will be built around the characters rather than the other way around.

The first Character will have no limits as to what they can be
(however they will end up equivalent to a lvl 1 by the time the campaign begins in earnest being either dragged down or elevated from where they begin)

Subsequent characters will have more limitations as the world becomes more defined and understood from your creation stories and adventures.
(You will need to build characters that fit in with the world that the other players have established and will be either dragged down or elevated to the same level as the other current players through an introductory story arc)

Time: 3pm – 8pm EST (Depending on how long all players wish to go)
Days: Tuesday – Thursday (Once a week based on player availability)

Set in stone setting information will be chronicled in the adventure log alongside the players adventures.

Blank Slate

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